The Exhibition

Itinerant Office visited all 11 practices, traveling between Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Delft in the Netherlands, and Milan, Bologna, Florence and Venice in Italy. Between December 2017 and February 2018, the interviews were published through the Itinerant Office digital media channels – each divided into 3 parts, published every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday for 11 successive weeks. The interviews have gathered the interest of various publishing platforms that have followed the project, including Domus, urbanNext and Afasia. For obvious reasons, dictated by the need to edit a format suitable for communication and dissemination of the results, the videos only represent a brief part of the time spent with each architect. Hence through transforming the project into an exhibition, we were able to provide a better overview, thus including content that the video format had not enabled us to release.

Itinerant Office exhibited ‘Past, Present, Future: about being an architect yesterday, today and beyond’ at the CANactions International Architecture Festival 2018 hosted in Kyiv, Ukraine, between 20th-21st April and at the Beijing Fun Center, in Beijing, between 5th-12th December 2018. Both exhibitions presented a new sequence of video material, showing the 11 interviews of the first episode of the project compiled into the three sections “Past, Present, Future”, with the full version of each transcription collected within three publications. The texts were accompanied by an archive of images, referring to the experiences of each study: the beginning of their careers, projects of the past, of the present, and a selection of relevant concepts to understand the future of architecture. In addition, the exhibition displayed a series of panels showing this content, and a website dedicated exclusively to the project.

This exhibition – ‘itinerant’ by nature – was intentionally curated in a light and portable format. Through its simplicity, involving compatible videography and digital files containing the panels and the booklets, the exhibition can be shared, printed and set up easily and in a variety of different types of spaces.

If you would be interested in hosting the exhibition ‘Past, Present, Future’ more information is available in our Press Release at this link, or alternatively get in touch with our team by emailing:

PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE at the Beijing Fun Center, Beijing. December 2018

PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE at the CANactions International Architecture Festival 2018, Kyiv. April 2018